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Sponsors and Members of  

US-Japan Medtech Frontiers

US-Japan Medtech Frontiers, (USJMF) is grateful for the strong support we have enjoyed from our Members and Sponsors since our founding in 2013.  Without them, our efforts to promote business collaboration between Japanese companies and US medical device companies would not have prospered.  

As we have worked to educate Japanese companies, universities, and government organizations on the innovative culture of Silicon Valley and to educate US companies on the business culture of Japan through our events and individual meetings in Silicon Valley, our Members and Sponsors have been examples of the benefits of knowing how “the other side” thinks.  

USJMF has been able to benefit our members and sponsors in several ways.  As we know and are known by most of the large Japanese medical device companies, we are able to make introductions, assist in bilingual discussions, and, in a number of cases, suggest potential partners. 

We have worked with Japanese government organizations such as METI, MEXT, NEDO, and JETRO.  Our conferences have put us in contact with Prefectures and Cities such as Sendai, Osaka, Hiroshima, Okinawa, Shizuoka, Kobe, and Kyoto.  We have been supported by quasi government organizations such as JFMDA, AMED, ACCJ, and others. It has also been mutually rewarding to work with many of the universities of Japan such as Tohoku, Osaka, Tokyo, Ryukyus, Okayama, Kyushu, and Kobe.  All of these have helped us to help our members and sponsors connect.  

Our close relationship with the Japan Biodesign Program, the Stanford Biodesign Program (Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign), and connections with incubators and accelerators in the US has also been beneficial to a number of our members and sponsors.

Our plans for next year are ambitious but due to the pandemic, radically changed.  We are working with other organizations, in particular the Japan Society of Northern California to deliver webinars that continue our work of past years. 


Please contact us if you are not already a member or sponsor of USJMF and would like to join us.

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