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Medical Device


between U.s. & Japanese  organizations 


Mission Statement

USJMF is a non-profit corporation based in Silicon Valley whose mission is to share best practices for medical device innovation and promote networking and collaboration between US and Japanese medical device organizations.


Prime Minister Abe’s 2012 Revitalization Strategy was the genesis of USJMF.   His strategy had a mandate to spur growth through structural reforms in the medical device industry and to stem the recurring trade imbalance by helping Japanese medical device companies “push forward the development of practical applications of Japan’s outstanding innovative medical technologies"(1). Prime Minister Abe reaffirmed this vision during his 2014 visit to Stanford University, announcing the creation of the Japan Biodesign Program at Tohoku University, the University of Tokyo, and Osaka University. USJMF is a proud sponsor of this Program, supporting Japan Biodesign Fellows during their "externships" in Silicon Valley.

1. “Japan Revitalization Strategy - JAPAN is BACK”; Office of the Prime Minister, June 14.

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