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MTF July: Silicon Prairie Center Live & Work Incubator Model

Date: Thursday, July 1, 2021

Time: 12pm-1:15pm

Location: A custom Zoom link will be emailed to each registrant

Speaker: Kirk Zeller, Founder, Silicon Prairie Center, & Healthcare Entrepreneur

For those of you who missed are recent MTF talks, we are happy to share that we are streamlining our registration process, which will allow you to register and receive your custom link shortly after you register. And, registration will not close.

Happy almost Summer, and greetings to all of you. While we very much miss seeing you, we hope that you and your loved ones continue to be safe and well. Please know that we appreciate your support over the years, and look forward to seeing you again. Thanks to those of you who have joined our recent MTF events via our "new" Zoom format.


The Silicon Prairie Center Innovation Model was developed with a vision to help entrepreneur founders to "Stay Lean, Stay in Control" through a unique entrepreneur live and work incubator model which includes residences, office space, and innovation space all in one location. The Silicon Prairie Center consists of four buildings based in a downtown area with the conveniences of downtown living and working but at a small fraction of traditional tech hub locations allowing the founders to stay lean, minimize burn and subsequently retain more ownership and control of their companies. The Silicon Prairie Center aims to encourage collaboration amongst community members and leverages local cost effective vendors.

Founder Kirk Zeller has a vision that it may be possible to encourage more creative thinking in medical device development through having a film project also based at the Silicon Prairie Center. In May 2020 the romantic comedy, #MyCorona, was filmed at the Silicon Prairie Center and was the first feature film in history to be directed entirely remotely. Characters in the film were inspired by Silicon Prairie Center start-ups and one of the start-up's products was featured in the movie. The Silicon Prairie Center's in house creative team is involved in both the film and the start-ups resulting in creative cross-pollination.

Kirk Zeller will share his vision for the Silicon Prairie Center and discuss how he weaves healthcare entrepreneurship, filmmaking, and US-Japan collaborations together at the Silicon Prairie Center. He will provide an overview of each of the start-ups, market access firms, and film projects based at the Silicon Prairie Center.

MTF July: Silicon Prairie Center Live & Work Incubator Model
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